AMA gastrosiegelQuality plays an incredibly important factor when it comes to food. It is not always visible to the naked eye, but is crucial for maximum enjoyment.
The AMA Gastro Seal of Quality ensures independent controls and stands for conventionally produced foodstuffs which comply with above-average quality criteria and whose origin is traceable.


Our hotel should be a place where both guests and staff feel at home, and one we would gladly recommend to our best friends.

Our highest priority is the well-being of our guests, who are not simply regarded as paying individuals, but as persons who entrust themselves with the hospitality of our house and should therefore be treated accordingly.

We are committed to sourcing the following products from the surrounding culinary region, to use in the preparation of our dishes:

• Trout from our own fishery and "Fischers Fritz" fish traders from Angerberg
• Seasonal vegetables, potatoes from the neighbouring regions of Bavaria and South Tyrol
• Free range eggs from Austria
• Pork, chicken, turkey, lamb: Metzgerei Hans Gasser (Butchers), Mayrhofen/Zillertal
• Beef: Metzgerei Gasser , Fa. Neurauter-Ötztal Bahnhof
• Milk: Farmer Bernhard Gredler, Tux
• Milk products, cheese: Sennerei Zillertal Dairy, Mayrhofen
• Veal: Metzgerei Gasser, Mayrhofen and Krösswang Grieskirchen

Regional products - therefore ensuring shorter transport distances, safe in the knowledge that the product has been created without the use of genetic engineering, therefore protecting the environment and humans, whilst surrporting the local economy.